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”An excellent combination of Finnish fiddle music with a rock steady rhythm section”. - Huffington Post

TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM is one of Finland’s internationally most notable modern folk music bands. Rooted in Nordic folk traditions and bolstered by the fact that their audience wants to hear good music, this seven-piece instrumental ensemble pulls liberally from many various genres and produces some of the most original and well-crafted European folk music of all times. All the musicians come from different backgrounds, each of them contributing with innovative modern ideas to a ‘sound’ that has become a landmark. Fiddle, piano, harmonium, accordion, guitars and saxophone are skillfully backed by double bass and drums/percussion.

Founded in the late 1990s, TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM was initially an integral part of the Tsuumi Dance Company. Since 2007, the band is touring on its own delivering intense live performances full of emotions and enjoyment, and creating an overwhelming live experience. Their shows have gained wide popularity, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, and from the UK to the USA. The band has also featured at a live session on BBC’S World on 3 at Maida Vale Studios in London and collaborated with Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen selling out concerts conducted by Alejo Perez at the prestigious concert hall Die Glocke.

TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM have released three albums where Swedish guitar legend Roger Tallroth has brought a truly masterful touch to the sound as co-producer. HOTAS (2007) provides a wealth of music riche, positioning the band at the top of European folk bands. With GROWING-UP (2009), the band demonstrates that they lost none of their charms, drive and appeal. FLOATING LETTERS (2013) follows the musical continuum of the band.

The new album BLINKING LIGHT, that will be released in the Nordic countries in the end of November 2018 might reserve some surprise.


Hannu Kella, accordion | Tero Hyväluoma, violin| Joakim Berghäll, saxophones | Pilvi Jarvelä, piano/harmonium | Jani Kivelä, guitars | Tarmo Anttila, double-bass | Jussi Nikula, drums. & percussion


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Current News

  • 12/25/2018

New album "Blinking Light" to be out soon

Blinking Light is the new relase and fourth album of the Finnish folk band Tsuumi Sound System

Back in the 1990s in Finland, there was a group of amateur folk dancers who asked their familiar accompanist to compose music for their choreographies. This is how accordionist and composer Hannu Kella ended up getting involved with the Tsuumi Dance Theater. In the early days, the core of Tsuumi’s existence was a folklore show which was presented each summer at different stages around...


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  • 11/21/2018, Helsinki, ES, G Livelab View